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Tortellini text

An exciting taste of the original Italian cooking as per traditional recipe from Modena. Stir-fried by Chef, bite after bite, the combination of ingredients will take you to a new stimulating experience which will soon become a must. Your choice :

Vegetarian filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, dressed with parmesan and Italian first selection oil.

Traditional filled with first selection Italian ham, dressed with parmesan and high quality light cream.


Gramigna text

The taste of good Italian fresh pasta with thin and curvy tube shape. Extruded bytradition with a “torchio”, the ingredients blended together give a birth to a new and creative dish. A fresh and tasty product to recommend to all generations. Your choice :

Vegetarian dressed with high quality tomato, parmesan and Italian first selection oil.

Traditional enriched by the softness of tasty sausage, cream and parmesan.



Disc shape bread, with a soft center and a crispy crust. Choose filling from ham or mortadella or Vegetarian or Chocolate

Gnocco  Gnocco ciccio text

Delicious pieces of fried bread to try as it is or with fillings at customer choice. A delicacy made of a soft center and crunchy bubbles formed during frying. New product and a different taste, not to be missed !

Choose filled with Ham or Mortadella

Salad text


Daily fresh salad delighted of tasty diced made of famous Italian cheese dipped in balsamic vinegar, a unique combination of sour and sweet at the same time. This product for environmental conditions, can be produced only around Modena, where the milk come from best selected cows and the cheese is produced without any chemical additives and aged for years a special farm stock!!!

A gorgeous vegetarian and super energy snack which can be enjoyed at any time of the day when an energy boost is needed.

Vanilla Ballsu

Vanilla text

Crispy and delicate balls made of biscuit, filled vanilla custard, a crazy idea originating from passion of the culinary arts.

Covered with a puff of powdered sugar, they are a delicious dessert not to be missed.